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Thank you for contacting Fast Action Finance.

We received your application for a Title Loan using your debt-free vehicle as collateral. We will be contacting you shortly using the contact information on your application.

You may also contact our office at 416-239-2906, 1-877-346-2274 or to discuss.

In preparation to process the loan, we will need the items below.

1. The vehicle
2. Your driver’s license
3. The registration (ownership)
4. The insurance
5. Current pay stub (if working)
6. Utility bill or official mail from home, be sure that it is current dated and shows your address (in anyone’s name)
7. Void cheque, banking information or Pre-Authorized Payment form (PAP)

If the loan is done online we will require the following pictures of your vehicle.

1. Left Side
2. Right Side
3. Front
4. Back (ensure license plate can be read, no need for close up of plate)
5. Odometer showing KMs. (Ensure it is not the trip meter)
6. Front Interior
7. Back Interior
8. Door VIN

Thank you for applying.

Get up to $25,000 and keep your car

  • You keep and drive your vehicle
  • NO GPS installed or key required
  • No early buy out penalties
  • No credit checks or job required
  • Same day approval and instant cash
  • Best Interest rates around
  • Highest approval rate for loans


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How car title loan works

Including the highest approval rate in the industry.

Car paid off? Get money in 1-hour.

We provide a fast, secure and confidential service – quick personal loans using your paid-off vehicle, or other acceptable assets as collateral. There is no minimum job requirement and credit checks are not required. You keep and drive your vehicle during the term of the loan.

Get approved now using a simple online application.

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Need money right now? Get approved online, no office visit required.


Apply Online

No need for you to come to our office to get a loan. The whole process can be done electronically.


Get Approved

After your online application we will check all your information and approve you for the next step


Send eLoan Info

After approval you must send us the items listed on eLoan page. We will need about 10 min to check it


Receive Money

Once loan documents are signed, we will either email the money or deposit into your bank account

We are trusted

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Serving people for over 23 years

Established in 1997, we are one of the oldest Car Title Loan lenders in Canada.

We Focus On Your Future, Not Your Past.

We are an entrepreneurial loan company and look at lending from a different angle than other lenders. If a loan is possible, we are the company that will do it. We provide a fast, secure and confidential service. There is no minimum job requirement and credit checks are not required. We do more than just Title Loans, we also provide Collateral Loans, Motorcycle Storage Loans, and Repair Loans to customers who either need the funds very quickly or are not acceptable to the traditional lenders.

Loans for all needs.

Car Title Loan

Collateral Loan


Motorcycle Storage Loan

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