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What is an Auto Title Loan from Fast Action Finance – Fast Action Finance

An Auto Title Loan also known as  Title Loan, Car Title Loan and  Vehicle Equity Loans, is a loan where a totally paid off vehicle is used as collateral for a loan. A Title Loan is similar to a personal loan received from a lending institution, with the main difference being that you use your paid off vehicle to secure the loan as opposed to your credit rating. As Fast Action Finance does not check a customer’s credit, even borrowers with very poor credit can easily obtain a Title Loan.

Auto Title Loans are a favourable alternative to Payday Loans. Fast Action Finance does not currently do Payday Loans and has no intention of doing them.

Fast Action Finance has been giving Title Loans for over 23 years. Not only is Fast Action Finance a leader in the industry, it is one of the original Title Loan lenders in Toronto. It may even be the longest supplier of Title Loans still in business.

In addition to Car Title Loans, Fast Action Finance also provides Emergency Loans (also called Hard Collateral Loans), Vehicle Repair Loans and Motorcycle Storage Loans.

Any one looking to obtain an Auto Title Loan, Emergency Loan, Hard Collateral Loan, Repair Loan or a Storage Loan should call Fast Action Finance at (416) 239-2906. In most cases we can meet with you the same day and process the loan with cash in your hand in half an hour.