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What’s The Quickest Way To Borrow $5,000? – Fast Action Finance

Do you own a car? Is it 100% paid off and debt-free? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you’re in luck! There is a new breed of personal loan company that is offering almost instant-approval loans of up to $5,000 to people who fully own a car that is less than 8 years old. What’s the catch? Well, surprisingly there’s no catch and there are literally no rules or requirements beyond car ownership. Any car owner can apply for and be approved for a personal loan of up to $5,000 within an hour. Read on to discover how the loans work, who to borrow from and whether they are the right solution for you!

My Poor Credit History Will Sink My Application, Right?


Wrong! Unbelievably these new finance companies won’t even check your credit history. This is a major advantage for people with poor credit histories as there’s no need to do anything to fix your score or be subjected to another ‘credit search’. If you have been rejected for a personal loan recently, the chances are excellent that your poor credit history will have been one of your factors behind the rejection. Your score can be worsened by what’s called a ‘credit search’ which is where you apply for a loan and a company searches your file. Even if you are rejected, the mark still appears and your score is worsened as other lenders can see which companies have applied to search your file. Borrowing up to $5,000 against your car won’t require your credit history to be searched or worsened!

How Easily Can I Get The Cash?

Search online for a company offering these loans in your area. These new finance companies offering personal loans against your car have no requirements beyond the facts that you must own your car and it’s 100% debt-free. In other words you can’t have a loan secured against your car already. To apply you simply find one of these companies online, fill out the application form and get approved over the phone. It’s that easy! Most applications are approved within an hour.

Be Your Own Refinancer!

Blue Piggy Bank WIth Coins

We’ve all seen the ads for debt consolidation firms that promise to pay off all your debts and get you a new, lower monthly repayment loan. Well quite often these firms offer misleading advertising claims. The truth is that there is nothing they can do that you can’t! Get on the phone to the companies you owe money too, explain your situation and cut a deal. Show that you are willing to work with them and be honest about your situation. They’ll offer you the same deal as they would a debt consolidation expert. With these new $5,000 loans secured against your car, you can consolidate your own debt by paying off credit card bills, utility bills or even mortgage repayments. You can save your credit score from being further tarnished and you get to keep driving your car around too!

Are These Loans Right For Me?

These loans are catch-free ways to get $5,000 loans approved within the hour. You have to be aware that your car is at risk of being repossessed if you fall behind on these payments. These loans are suitable for people with cash-flow issues that they expect to be solved in the near future and shouldn’t be considered a long-term form of borrowing.