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5 Types Of Assets That Can Be Used As Collateral When Borrowing From Private Lenders – Fast Action Finance

People who have assets are very lucky these days as they can use their possessions in order to get a quick sum of money from private lenders. Also, the more valuable the asset is the more money they will receive in return through collateral loans. These loans are secure, confidential and very fast as well, so that the person who has assets can receive a substantial amount of money very rapidly and without much hassle.

If you too have assets and you want to transform them in cash then below you will discover 5 of the most important types of goods that can be offered to private lenders for money. Usually, the length of collateral loans is about 4 months and the amount of money that can be received by the borrower is up to $25,000.

Classic cars


These vehicles are timeless beauties and although they might not be very reliable, quick or comfortable, they are still very valuable on today’s market and can be used for collateral loans. Classic cars will be inspected by experts in order to determine their value more accurately and they will be stored in a safe place during the loan period. Afterwards, the borrower can take his beloved classic car back when he repays the amount borrowed.

Placing classic cars as collaterals is actually one of the best ways of making quick money as these vehicles will give the owners the opportunity to make the most money. In many cases, classic car owners can get almost $25,000 in cash from private lenders.

Real estate

In a similar fashion, properties can also be used as collaterals when a decent sum of money is required as soon as possible. Additionally, such assets will also bring the most money because real estate properties are usually quite valuable on the market. For example, owners can place as collateral a small apartment, a condominium or a similar property and the private lenders are able to offer him a generous amount of money in return, without undertaking credit card checks or doing any type of verification.

Value of life insurance policies

People are always encouraged to get life insurance policies because these will help them if they get ill and they are unable to work or in those moments when they struggle with a bad financial situation. However, if a large amount of money is required right away, the cash surrender value of life insurance policies can also be used as collateral. In return, those people will get the desired amount of money and they will be able to pay for house repairs or anything they want.

Expensive machinery

People who own different types of machines and tools can also take advantage of their possessions in order to receive a decent amount of money. For example, machineries that are used in factories are excellent candidates for collateral loans and they can be safely offered to private lenders for money. In a similar fashion, heavy machinery and vehicles used in construction can also be considered valuable assets for collateral loans, especially if they are in a very good condition. Lastly, industrial equipment is usually very valuable and it will bring the owner enough money to solve his financial problems.

Expensive equipments

Other people might not possess different types of machineries, but they might have various equipments which can be used as collateral. For example, audio equipments are very valuable and they might include large speakers, expensive microphones, musical instruments (guitars, pianos, etc), DJ equipments (CD players, mixers and so on), wires, cables and a multitude of other items. Obviously, such an impressive collection of audio equipments is very valuable and the owner can receive the most money out of it.

Similarly, other equipments should be considered as well such as IT equipments. Computers, laptops, printers, keyboards, UPS devices, LCD screens and so on can be offered to private lenders as collateral for a period of maximum four months in order to receive thousands of dollars in return.

Lastly, professional video and photography equipments are valuable assets as well and they too can be placed as collateral in those moments of financial crisis. Anything from professional cameras, video projectors, lights, tripods, HD video cameras and so on fall under this category and they will bring the owner a large sum of money through collateral loans.

Borrowing from private lenders is the best option these days because this is a straightforward and relatively simple process, in comparison with borrowing from other financial institutions. If you need an amount of money right away then don’t wait any longer and give us a call. You can use your assets in order to borrow up to $25,000 from our private lenders and we can offer you this amount of cash on the same day, without asking for proof of a job and without doing background checks.