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How Can You Get Low Interest Rates When It Comes To Car Title Loans? – Fast Action Finance


You may have read many times that car title loans come with a very high interest rate when compared to the usual loans you can get from banks and other financial institutions. This may somehow cause you to back out from obtaining such type of a loan for emergency purposes. Before even turning your backs from the opportunity to obtain cash from a car title loan, you should consider the fact that you have the chance to lower down interest rates set on car title loans. Here is how you can do it.

Compare service providers

One of the quickest ways for you to determine how you can lower down the interest rate on car title loans is to make researches and conduct comparisons between one company and that of another. This is a crucial step when shopping for this type of loan. Remember that they are available in different varieties depending on several factors associated with your car and one of the ways you will be guaranteed a low interest rate is by comparing what these service providers offer. It may take time doing the research but once you have done it, you can be sure you will be able to obtain the loan according to your terms too.

Ask for free quotes

It is indeed very hard to compare interest rates from one service provider to another considering that the rates are variable and may change depending on certain factors. You cannot just rely on the interest rate quoted through websites thus it is best if you ask for free quotes instead. When you have obtained these quotes, you can now trim down your choices to the ones with the lowest interest rates and from there, you can contact them one by one to raise any other concerns you have.

Be aware of the factors that possibly affect the interest rate

You cannot just conclude that a service provider is charging a very high interest rate on car title loans unless you are familiar with factors that may have affect it. Amongst such factors to consider is the amount of the loan you will take. If the amount you get is high then expect a higher interest rate on the loan too. Also, you should take note that the tenure of the payment will affect the rate with which the loan may be availed of. When you have several questions regarding these factors, it would be good to have a talk with the chosen provider. Make sure that the car title loan and even the interest rates that come with it have been clearly explained to you.

Ensure that you make payments on time

Another factor that may affect how high or how low your interest rate is over your car title loan is the payments you make. If you have agreed to make payments more regularly at a shorter period of time then you can lower down the interest rate. Additionally, you should make sure that you repay the loan according to the terms agreed upon. It would also be good to pay a higher amount compared to what has been stipulated in the contract so you will get a lower interest rate the next time you pay plus you will be able to repay the entire amount ahead of time. Reducing the principal amount will eventually mean reducing the interest rate too.

Make sure the company will learn about your current status at the moment

You should be able to open up your problems with the lender when you apply for the car title loan. You should be able to inform them of your terms too but when you make a promise, you should make sure that you will comply with it. More often than not, companies would look into your present employment status and how much you are making before offering the amount for the car title loan.

Is getting a car title loan ideal with the interest rates attached to it?

Yes, it is certainly an ideal option for those of you wanting to obtain cash for emergency purposes. You have to understand that any type of loan requires a corresponding amount of interest rate and car title loans are not exempted from that. Considering the fact that these loans entitle even those individuals with bad credit ratings or no credit scores at all, you would say that it is one of the ideas to resort to. If you are after lowering the interest rate on such type of loan, you can always do so by simply following the tips presented above.

For more about car title loans and how you can obtain them easily, you can simply contact us. We will walk you through the entire process making sure you will get in business with a credible partner who values your car’s worth more than anything else.