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Top Ways In Which You Can Get Cash Fast – Fast Action Finance

We all don’t know when an emergency will occur, and when it happens, it always calls for money. You may want fast cash to pay hospital bills, salvage a business that is almost going under financially, pay school fees or just handle a pressing issue. Unfortunately, with the economic constraints, there is no where you can run back to. Even your savings could not be enough to sort out the situation. But whenever you find yourself in such situations, don’t fret; there is good news for you. You too can get money very fast to help you come out of the situation. And there are many ways through which you can get the bucks. Below are practical ways in which you can get cash fast:

Credit cards


Whenever you need money in a pinch, you can make use of your credit card. However, there are those days when the credit card may not have a high enough limit to help cover the money you need. In such a situation, call your credit card company so that they can increase the limit. And there is a catch here; you need to have a very good payment history with the company in order to increase the chance of limit increase.

Payment extensions

Are you thinking about borrowing some money to help you handle an emergency situation such as needing cash to pay rent or utility bill? You can find out if your landlord or utility company will give you a payment extension. A five day extension on rent or a thirty day extension on payment extension on utility bill could save you a great deal and from paying high interest on other kinds of loans. But if you are given the permission to pay your rent late, it is prudent to make sure that the payment extension is received in writing. It is also important to know what your late fees would be, so that you can weigh the different options available.

Pawning other valuables

Are you planning to sell valuable assets to get the bucks you need in a dash? It might be worth the course. This can as well be one of those assets you can afford to risk. They may include jewelry you never wear, a guitar you do not play anymore or something you have not used for the last one year. And you can also receive more money on such items if you choose to wait a little longer. For instance, you can sell your assets through an online storefront or auction and get more cash.

Payday loans

You may also want to give payday loans a shot in order to clean your house or sort yourself out. Although these loans may call for a little high interest rate, they are worth it because you won’t lose any of your valuables if you happen to break the contract through non-payment or late payment.

Personal loan from the bank

Today, banks are offering loans with interest rates that are quite friendly. And there is a good reason for going for this kind of loan; you will train yourself to pay the loan back in a set time frame. You should note that, with personal loans, there are a number of months already set in which you have to pay back the loan.

Emergency loans from work

It is possible that your company has an emergency loan program in place to help staffs with short term financial binds. These loan programs vary from one company to another, but the loan interest could either be very low or free. And repayment terms could vary from company to company, so just contact your human resource to see if the program is available and the details required to qualify you for the loan.

Car title loans

These ones are also known as the auto title loans and are perhaps the best option if you own a car. They are instant loans that anyone can get by pledging the title of their car as the security against the amount taken as a loan. There is good news about these kinds of loans; you continue using your car even as you are working to pay back the loan. And it does not matter if you have a bad credit, you can still take out a car title loan to get your hands on fast cash. Also, car title loans require minimal paper work compared to other loan options, so you get money instantly. To make it a smooth process, you are required to provide identification documents, vehicle documents and reference information.

If you are to go for the car title loan option, make sure that you work with a licensed and trusted company. At Fast Action Finance, we can help you with your immediate cash needs. Contact us today and we will discuss your car title loan needs with you so that you understand the process and also get the cash you need fast.