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Get $5000 By Leveraging On Your Motorcycle! – Fast Action Finance

If you are looking for some extra money this season, then you can consider leveraging your motorbike. You can easily get $5000 from this and it is quite easy money if you already have a motorcycle. In this article we will take you through how exactly you can get this done.

How would a motorcycle storage loan work for you?


A motorcycle storage loan is actually equivalent to a car title loan. You borrow money placing your motorcycle’s equity on the table as assurance for your lender. Moreover, your motorbike will be stored in a safe place which is alarm protected and clean, and will not be in use by other people while you leave it in with your lenders.

So this way, you have a safe place to store your motorbike and at the same time you get some money out of it. This is a great alternative for people who are looking for motorbike storage for a short period of time because this is almost like a paid motorcycle storage facility available for your use any time of the year. You not only don’t have to pay for the storage fees in this case but you actually get paid for placing your motorbike in there under their car.

You can find a plan or a scheme that fits your budget depending on the market value, which is the equity of your motorbike. Then you can suit to your own needs and pay back the loan amount anytime without any problems and claim back your motorbike early without any issues to cover.

Why should you consider a motorcycle storage loan?

A motorcycle storage loan is very advantageous on many levels. When you take up a motorcycle storage loan, you do not need to pay for vehicle storage fees as we have mentioned earlier on. You can store your vehicle for free in a safe and protected place for a short period of time and on top of that you are even paid for keeping your vehicle there.

Taking up a motorcycle storage loan is far cheaper than a payday loan any day. Since it is a secured loan, you don’t have to suffer with high interest rates and you can have higher borrowing limits along with a longer storage period under your loan. This way you can have more affordable monthly payments to return back the loan slowly.

If you have a past history of having bankruptcy or any of such bad credit, turning to motorcycle storage loans is a good idea because it would help you buck up your credit. This is because the places that offer your motorcycle storage loans usually report to major credit bureaus.

You also benefit because your loans are all open and you can pay them off anytime you would like to. This way you are not bound by stringent time frames to collect and pay up large amounts of money. It would be a more convenient and laid back process for you to handle alongside your other financial requirements.

In what ways can a motorcycle storage loan be helpful to you?

Getting a motorcycle storage loan can help you out in various ways. You can use the loan amount to pay off your other high interest payday loans, for your credit card unsecured loans and for other personal debts you may owe.

You can also use this money for sudden and large expenses like to pay for medical or dental bills, for your travelling needs, for your family’s special occasions like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. You can also use them for your home’s renovation project or for emergency expenses.

But bear in mind that not everyone would be eligible for such motorcycle storage loans. At the same time, if you are having a past history of a bankruptcy, proposal or a bad credit history, fear not, because you would not be ineligible for a motorbike storage loan. Call up your nearest financial company to hear more from them about their restrictions and rules on who and when can they apply for a motorcycle storage loan.

What you need to bring along when you are applying for your motorcycle storage loan

As for any other legal process, you would need to bring your official legal identification documents for this process to take place. Bring your identity card as always and also your driver’s license so that they can check your identity and store your details of identification in case of a mishap. Also bring evidence to show that this motorcycle is actually yours, like your ownership form and your motorcycle’s insurance policy which should be under your name which is on your identification card.

You also need a valid proof for your address which can be easily handled by showing one of your identification documents which has your current address written on it. You also need a void cheque for the process to go on. Finally you would need two references, preferably your two family members, with their phone numbers and addresses written on it as sureties for your secured loan.