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Financial Management Tips That Will Benefit Any Startup – Fast Action Finance

To make a startup more successful, solid financial management is one of the most important aspects that the business owner should keep an eye on. However, it also happens to be one of the most difficult things to perfect as well. There are many people who have a difficult time in handling money for a business, and this often turns out to failure of a business that would otherwise be viable.

In the management of a startup, you need to actively seek ways to avoid a cash crunch, and to also ensure that each dollar works for you. This can only be achieved by making solid financial decisions including:

Using affordable credit


In any startup, credit is a very powerful tool, and you are always encouraged to use it to either start or grow the business. It is rarely possible to start and expand a business using cash on hand unless the amount of cash you have is a lot, or if you have many angel investors. This leaves credit for most upstart managers. In such settings, you should ensure that you use a form of credit that will not stifle your business. Some of the features you should be looking out for include affordability of the loan, as well as flexibility in terms of repayment.

In addition to that, it should also be easy to use. For instance, if you have to make monthly payments when servicing the loan, there should be a system to do this automatically so that you don’t have to waste time going to the bank each month to deposit cash and checks. Lastly, it would also be a great idea to work with a lender who has flexible terms, so that you can negotiate for terms that you will be most comfortable with. Most firms that offer products such as a car title loan in Toronto have such features, and you should consider exploring them rather than limiting yourself to bank loans.

Reliable accounting

At any point in time in the life of a startup, you should be able to account for every penny you have spent. This will allow you to identify features of the company that might be draining money, so that you can sort them out in advance. This will only be possible if you use the gold standard when it comes to accounting. For instance, rather than using free applications to do the accounting, you should consider spending slightly more to invest in more high end ones. These are usually more powerful and less error-prone. In some cases, they can also be customized to your needs, making them even more powerful as cash management tools.

Solid financial policies

When you run a startup, you need to have a solid policy regarding the finances and how you handle your income. For instance, how much of the income will you plough back into the business, and how much will you save? Are you committed towards making sure that your taxes are accurately done on time each year to avoid penalties? Having such policies and adhering to them will ensure that you end up realizing your goals as soon as possible.

Never use your personal account for business purposes

One of the biggest classical mistakes that first time business owners make is not having a distinction between personal cash and business cash. Using your personal account for business purposes is a rookie mistake that will definitely bring down your business particularly if you are not very disciplined. For instance, you may find that you use most of the income for personal activities such as holidays and paying rent. As a result, you may not have much left over to pay your employees or expand the business.

Once you have started a business, you should open an account for it. This will then be used to carry out all the business relating to the business. Not only does it keep your finance tidy, but it also makes it easier to handle the relevant accounting. If you have to pay yourself from the business income, you can transfer the sum from the business account into your personal one, and then bill this as a business expense.

When in doubt, get help without delay

When you run a business for the first time, you should expect to run into difficulties every so often. Remember, this is something that you may never have done, and may be learning as you go along. If you encounter difficulties with finances, it would be wiser to get professional help rather than to simply make blind decisions. An example of this is when you are not sure of how to deal with corporate taxes, or when you have problems understanding sound financial practices in a business. In such cases, consulting the relevant professionals will reduce the risk of making mistakes that will result in massive losses.