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How to Pay for Vehicle Repairs When You Don’t Have Emergency Cash – Fast Action Finance

Although it is highly recommended to put money aside for emergency situations, sometimes this is just not possible. Many things can get in the way of developing an emergency savings fund, such as other expenses that need to be paid, previous emergencies, and various life events. This leaves many people in difficult situations that are very challenging to get out of.

Having an emergency is bad enough, but not having money to cover it can make things feel that much worse. Luckily, a vehicle repair loan can help lessen the conflict by financing the repairs.

Vehicle Repair Loan

One emergency situation that many people find themselves in is needing car repairs without having the funds to do so. A car is very important and necessary in most people’s lives as it gets them to work, takes their kids to school, takes them to the grocery store, and anywhere else that they wish to go. Without a working car, it can be very difficult to maintain your career, especially if there is not a good transit system in your city.

That being said, if your car is in desperate need of repairs then it can be detrimental to delay it until you have to funds to do so. If you are looking for quick funds to finance a car repair then a repair loan could be your best option.

An emergency repair loan is processed very quickly. At Fast Action Finance, you will be approved on the phone and receive money within the hour.


Unlike personal loans, you do not need to have good credit to obtain a repair loan. The car itself is used as collateral and a lien is placed on it. Once the loan has been paid-off, the lien will be removed and you will be back to where you began, except with a newly repaired vehicle. And unlike title loans, your car does not have to be paid in full and can even be lease. A requirement of a repair loan is that the repairs must be for the general upkeep of the vehicle and bringing it back to an original condition. As an example, a repair loan can be granted for a paint job where the vehicle’s paint has been damaged, but it cannot be used to change the colour or put racing stipes on it. In other words, necessary repairs are acceptable, while “Pimping it out” is not allowed.

An Unknown Saviour

Many people do not know about repair loans. Most think that because their vehicle is financed or leased that they cannot use a repair loan to finance a repair. This is not true, simply call Fast Action Finance and learn how we can get your vehicle repaired and you back on the road quickly.

How The Process Works

You would contact us and tell us what needs to be done to repair your vehicle. We would tell you if we can help you. You would then go to a reputable repair facility of your choice and get an estimate form them. We would then deal directly with the repair facility and take it from there. We would pay for the repair and you would pay us back, not the repair shop. We have reasonable terms and can spread the payment over one year. In essence you would drive away from the repair shop without paying.

What Vehicles Ca be Used For a Repair Loan

Cars, truck, vans and SUVs can qualify for Repair Loans. Call us today to find out if we can help you. Fast Action Finance is an industry leading lender and come up with reason to assist when most lenders cannot.