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5 Tips for Getting an Ontario Collateral Loans

Many Canadians are being challenged by these economic times. For example, a recent study found that 75% of Canadians are changing their spending habits. Still, others are turning to Canada collateral loans for financial help.

Finding the best loan program in the country’s largest province can seem confusing. Yet, Ontario collateral loans are more straightforward than you might think. Getting your collateral loan approval fast doesn’t need to become a giant hurdle.

The first essential aspect is to understand the process. If you want to learn more about a collateral lending program to suit your needs, keep reading this guide. Here are five essential facts you need to know to get a collateral loan in Ontario.

1. Understand Types Of Loans In Ontario

Learning the different types of loans is critical before starting any loan program. Several factors may determine which type of loan you want. For example, you may need fast cash or a loan to pay off over an extended period.

Although there are many loans, loans generally have two categories. First, unsecured loans are a quick solution for getting funds in a hurry. Borrowers can use the funds as they wish; no collateral is necessary to get the loan.

Yet, with unsecured loans, there is a limited amount you can borrow, and interest rates are higher. A secured or collateral loan requires the borrower to provide an asset against the loan. Using the equity in a property is a common type of collateral lending program.

However, you can also use the value of a paid-off car to secure a collateral loan. You can also use other valuable assets like retirement funds and insurance policies to secure Ontario collateral loans.

2. Learn the Differences In Costs of a Loan Program

The significant difference between an unsecured and collateral loan is the interest rates. For an Ontario unsecured loan, you can expect interest rates between 18% and 49%. Yet, most unsecured loans get approved fast without much paperwork.

A collateral loan approval might take more time, but the interest rate is lower. For example, Canadian collateral loans have rates between 4% and 12%.

The rate varies depending on the lending program and your type of collateral. Yet, Candian lenders cannot legally charge more than 60% for loans.

Another consideration is the amount you want to borrow. You can get an unsecured loan without providing much other than personal information. But unsecured loans are generally limited to $15,000 in Canada.

Your asset’s value will determine the amount borrowed with a collateral lending program. Taking collateral from personal assets reduces the risk to lenders. So more funds might be available with Ontario collateral loans.

3. Purpose Determines the Type of Loan

If you have a specific reason for borrowing funds, you might be better suited to a collateral loan. For example, buying a car, a home, or starting a business are versions of Ontario collateral loans themselves. For example, a mortgage represents a secure loan on the total value of the property.

Yet, you can also use items you own to borrow funds for another purpose. For example, if you have a paid-off vehicle, the car’s value can get you funds to merge other debts. In addition, collateral loan approval is more straightforward when you have something of value to put up for the money.

Others use a collateral lending program to finance renovation projects on their homes. So long as you use the funds for the stated purpose, a collateral loan is a better choice. The amount you can borrow is only limited to the value of your collateral. 

4. Understand The Risks

There are pros and cons to any lending program, so it’s essential to decide which type of borrowing suits your needs. The cost of borrowing is higher, but there is less risk to your personal holdings. However, your credit rating will suffer if you default on an unsecured loan.

Often, unsecured loans get approved within 24 hours. On the other hand, a collateral loan approval takes more time, but lower interest rates reduce your costs. 

Yet, it’s critical to understand what you risk by putting up collateral. By going this route, the lender is holding your assets until the loan gets paid off. Missing payments on Ontario collateral loans could give up the asset.

Another aspect of collateral loans is your asset can only apply to one loan. Once you use your car as collateral with a lender, you can’t use the exact vehicle for another collateral loan. Yet, once the first loan gets discharged, you are free to use the car again for collateral.

5. Getting Collateral Loan Approval

Every loan program has its own set of criteria, but there are specific details you will need for all types of Ontario collateral loans. First, you must provide proof of your identity and contact information.

Then, a collateral lending program will generally want banking information for automatic debits. It also helps to provide your Social Insurance Number and income statement.

Of course, the final piece of information is the asset you intend to put up for collateral. The lending program will need to verify the value with an asset appraisal. Your vehicle’s Canadian Black Book value will determine the worth of your asset.

Many collateral loans involve less risk to the lender. Your chance of collateral loan approval is greater after providing this information.

Ontario Collateral Loans Are Beneficial

Many people need financial help for various reasons. When you have assets of value, you have a better chance of getting the funds you need. Ontario collateral loans give Canadians a way to address those needs.

We are here to help you get your finances on track. Contact us today to get started on a lending program that works best for you.